Wor(l)d of the Present: ACTION

Always Connect To Invitations 2 Offload ur Needs

Action, the one thing that separates the dreamer from the manifestor. You can build beautiful imaginary castles, but if you simply wish and then sit down to see them materialise, it may come at a time where you no longer need it. It is true that you could sit with your feet in a fresh water pond all day, and Life would take care of your needs, but if you either don't see the opportunities, or don't accept them, you are delaying the realisation of your dreams.

So yeah, when envisaging your wishes, you only need to state them once. The Formless Substance or Grand Overall Design will not let them go unnoticed. In fact, if you are new to the whole idea of an Intelligent Benign Substance that Permeates All, just start to notice what opportunities cross your path in the coming months. You might soon find that remarkably many things happen in response to wishes you may have sent out without even knowing. In fact, some windfalls may even be of the "two birds with one stone" variety.

In fact, you never need to compete with anyone for what you want. If stuff can be bought, similar stuff can be gotten for less or even for free. I have a house full of stuff, but I actually wish it to be space to live instead. So, I give away what works and sometimes sell it for whatever seems a fair price, rather than trying to get the most for it. All because the space is the thing I actually require...

And yeah, over time I've found experiential evidence for that abundant source of everything, that brought me one totally impossible thing after the other! I no longer feel anxious about stuff going wrong, because somehow everything always goes right! And yeah, that includes my recent encounter with the 1908 book written by Wallace D. Wattle, which details "the Science of Getting Rich". It showed me the few things I still lacked to get a truly rich mindset, without becoming the kind of rich guys I always felt bad about.

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