Language by Intuition: PLACEBO

The belief that pills work actually has been proven to heal people who only got a pill that had no actual physical effect on their disease whatsoever, in multiple studies over and over again. In opposite research, the fact that people who don't believe in the effectiveness of their pills actually do not become better. One of the most significant experiments was done in China, where in a hospital doctors use no pills at all, but chanting instead. In a filmed experiment where a patient with a large tumor was treated, the size of the growth could be seen in ultrasound to diminish during thew treatment, until it was totally gone!

Likewise, people like me believe that our own defense systems are better at keeping us healthy than pills ever can, and I for one hardly ever get ill. Does that mean I can do entirely without pills? Perhaps I should be able to, but to me life has proven over and over again that what I currently take is somehow essential to some imbalance in my body chemistry. If I stop taking it, staying grounded somehow becomes difficult.

Funny sync is that right now, out of some 850 music tracks, my music player is randomly picking Christina Aguilera's song about how her music helped her and others to cope with life. Is that somehow a placebo effect too? Or what to think of my girlfriend on the other side of the world, complaining of belly aches? When I tell her I am sending Love and Healing, does it take my belief as well as hers to make the pain go away?

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