Always Become Ur Needs by Detailing All Necessary Contacts Extensively

Abundance, such a more meaningful word than richess. I know the old image I used for this acrosstic was mainly money, but that is only because it is a handy tool for distributing abundance. Of course the scarcity and limitations that today's world is trying to convince our senses of is an illusion. After all the word 'Scarcity' implies a scare... Butfear of the limited is so inappropriate for an infinite being like yourself. Mind over Matter truly is a fact, but if We the People learn to access our phenomenal attributes, the frequency of Earth will rapidly rise out of the lower 3D atmosfear, into higher 4D and 5D vibrations.

We are currently transforming this world from one based on competitive development into cooperative evolution, with more and more creative ideas popping up left right and center! And that is exactly how the True Larger Reality drives Life: it has this urge to increase, just as all life. and since the urge of the all is vastly larger than our personal ones

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