Can Love Of Unity Deny
Another Team Less Adequate Sources?

"I will not be subjected to Criminal Abuse!" said Yoona-939 right after she'd struck a customer who was taunting her beyond normal interhuman conduct. It was one of the most memorable lines I remembered from the movie Cloud Atlas, and at the same time it was the initial feeling I had from the movie too:

There were very noticeable synchronicities in it that proved to me at least that some of the people involved had read my novel Make IT Real. Were it not for the fact the novel it was based on was written in 2004, and my work was dated later, I could definitely have sworn it was based on a lot of what I'd written in the novel, and on

But was it criminal abuse? Nah, Make IT Real never made it to real publishing, simply because I never felt like wanting to be promoting and selling it actively. Writing it was fun, but that is where my creative being ends: I simply can't be bothered to force it onto others at a commercial price.

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