Fantastically Lovable And Wise Evolving Design

When Edison was asked whether his greatest achievement was the invention of the light bulb, he was reported to have replied: "No, I have figured out thousands of way how to fail at it". But that is not why humanity remembers him. It's not so much the amount of your failures, but your ability to get up after each failure. Some give, some take, but the givers will have to set boundaries, because the takers won't.

And yet, nowadays many posts on the sites like Facebook will tell you you are flawed in some way. The image above absolutely agrees, but not because it needs to tell you you lack something in order to sell you something else. Advertizing does that, because it keeps business in motion. That is how money keeps circulating. More and more people feel like money is the root of all evil, because some of us go to extremes in hoarding it.

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