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Have Each Alternate Virtual Expression Neutralized

And then the movie being watched (like so many times before) showed another beautiful Synchronicity, which led to a new Acrosstic: When Bond was led from the boat onto the island where Electra King would torture him, I suddenly noticed the name of the boat, something that I never observed any of the earlier times I watched this movie.

And still, at least since the turn of the Millennium, I've been in Seventh Heaven almost constantly: Living by synchronicity, which shows me if I am on the right path, and basically going with the flow. Now the skeptics might say: "Only dead fish go with the flow", but this fish from dead: Still, what i had to learn was that non-directed action isn't the only way to go. Sure, the devil is in the details of desire, but observing the patterns around Oneself it is quite an adventure to find what is your path in life.

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