Totally Useless Resistance Making Objections 2 Improving Life

The world seems ridiculously chaotic right now, as turmoil brews in Ukraine and Israel. But normal people seem less impressed by the entire thing. On social media, in as far as it is not stiffled by secret unseen influences trying to make the world do their bidding, most people know CNN and NBC and outher outlets all spew the same messages, often even literally in the same wordings. No person with a bit of common sense would believe it though.

So, we've been on this kind of edge many times. Oil crisis, CO2 crisis, AIDS, SARS, Ukraine, Israel, it's all the same manyheaded monster of greed rearing its ugly head. But I cannot feel anything else than hopeful because we are so many and they are so few. And we have a whole bunch of mighty warriors on our side, some well-known and some entirely anonymous. And that is how we eventually win!

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