Wor(l)d of the Present: FRIENDS


Friends we choose, and family is what we are given, or so the 'realistic' view goes. In my view on reality however, we choose all interactions in our physical life before coming here, because it is part of the plan we make about wanting to experience a certain set of situations in this mortal life. Does this life have a beginning and ending? From our point of view in physical reality most certainly! But once you delve into the concept of reincarnation, things become pretty awesome all of a sudden. And is it real? Canadian psychiatrist Ian Stevenson devoted about 50 years of his life to studying it, documenting some 2500 cases of young children having clear memories of past lives, and in many cases finding the deceased persons they claimed to have been, and matching stuff like known and documented aspects of the deceased person's life, and birthmarks that apparently made comparison possible as well.

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