Caring 4 Others Makes More Intimate Trust Moving Energy 2 New Teachings

Watching the Time Traveler's Wife at the moment, not to be confused with the Astronaut's Wife, even though according to Einstein's Relativity Theory, the two might well be very entangled. Commitment is the relationship the main character in the movie is just talking about to his girlfriend: "I never wanted to have anything in my life I was afraid of losing, but I do want you!"

Some people feel commitment is doing things you don't want to, but real commitment surfaces when it is really about something that catches your passion. It is the path you take over and over again, until you get it right. In the end though, you have gone through those movements so often, you become a natural at it. This is why the Law of Attraction works: because you know perfectly how to, and you can actually achieve it by letting it unfold rather than chasing after it.

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