Can Obfuscated News Wake up Alternate Reality Entirely?

Elon Musk expressed a question today on X, X-ing the question whether the weird accident with the X-35 fighter this week was due to a hardware or software error. Given the weird circumstances surrounding the mishap, I coined the new term "conware", to indicate that the cause was probably a story that will soon be labeled a conspiracy theory. What pilot, who jumped out of a very expensive jet fighter, and then calls 911? And of course the fighter itself could not be tracked, because its beacon had been switched off somehow, and the stealth nature of the thing prevented following it on radar.

There will be plenty of Americans (and foreigners) who think these circumstances easily as suspicious as the ones around 9/11, so stay tuned! Pretty much, will be buzzing with stories about how the mass media is reporting very suspiciously about all kinds of stuff. More and more it is turning into the Town Square where people from all over the world gather to discuss the latest news.

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