Designing Intelligent Safeguarded Trinities 2 Realize Impressively Built Unbreakble Target Environments

This very intuitive explanation that came from my creation of the acrosstic in this image makes me see how we need possibilities to fence off our privacy related aspects from the larger network of more public AIs. It is said that the concept of operating systems and applications running on top of them is a way of computing that will soon be obsolete. Instead, SoC or "System on Chip" hardware will be designed to efficiently run AI models, probably even learning as they serve their users, and becoming custom made personal systems.

Personally, I see hardly any use for the project I am working on, other than for my own pleasure. I can just make sure my personal information is properly organized, and ready to be assimilated when the AI spheres become a reality. Maybe I can gain some advantage of the high-end PC I have, in doing early training on that dataset.

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