Gratitude Evolves New Emerging Routes 2 Achieve Totally Obvious Reality in Space

Traditionally, generators were associated in almost everyone's mind with gas-guzzling lawn mower engines coupled to electric dynamos to generate electricity. This is no longer the case, as a new breed of generators is emerging, which use electricity to generate or transform information.

The image above is a product of such a generator: I presented with the prompt "please generate a color image of a generator", and got eight possible outcomes. I then combined the two most interesting ones into a single image, and added my Acrosstic to it.

Currently the area of development here is torrential, and new models are popping up every day. This YouTube video mentions a few of the most promising ones, including a site that collects links to new generators as they arrive. Suffice it to say, information processing tasks have never been easier, just "Ask and thou shalt receive"!

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