Total Reality Always Needs Smart Forms 2 Openly Realize Manifestation

Evolution and revolution are transformative events, where the latter is more disruptive than the former. It is just that transormation is a process, and not an event. Even the forming of an embryo is a process of transformation by bio-electricity, where the energy rewrites the way in which cells convert into which subspecies of cell.

I can now envision a new form of technology that employs this theory to develop a totally new architecture where the hardware construction is directed by the information sent into it in the form of electricity. Actually this is already happening, but at many stages in the process there are still humans involved in transforming the production lines to create new hardware. At some point we will be able to 3D print complex stuff, and this ability will develop without fail.

At some point, this will result in full command of matter to energy and energy to matter conversion, so yeah, the future is bright!!!

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