Expedite Missions 2 Build a Reality You Observe

Nowadays the consensus among scientists has grown that "Observation Creates Reality", but this happens not just in the realm of the infinitessimal that is the world of Quantum physics. where many humans still go by the ancient saying "Seeing is Believing", others belong to the more openminded group of "Believing is Seeing".

Will the latter group see things as reality that simply do not exist in the world of the former group? I believe so. I liken it to people looking at the same book, where some are able to read the langugage in which it is written, while others are not: Only the ones that do possess the linguistic capabilities will consider the story a coherent one! To the others that same story is non-existant, they merely see a language they cannot understand.

And that, my friends, is the purpose of this site: it attempts to express in plain English a Reality that is difficult to capture in words. And while some people will find this highly informative, others will consider me a "crazy scientist". But if just one person considers these texts helpful, my mission has succeeded!

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