Approaching Reality with Computation Handled In Totally Extreme Coding Together with Unheard of Recursive Experiments

In the movie "the Matrix", the architect is the one who designed the matrix, which is actually not flawless in its design. And the cause of that is because he did not understand reality itself properly.

But what if you need to understand the world of our everyday reality in order to make your program? Of course ChatGPT was a revolution in generative Artificial Intelligence, but does it really understand the world? Sure, it gives a reasonable impression of being human, but after it was quickly forced into the harness of the common understanding of reality, of the way "normal" people think it should work. OpenAI seems to have succumbed to outside pressure to make their invention politically correct.

Enter Elon Musk: he helped fund OpenAI as an initiative aiming to make ai and AGI open source, and he was not amused when Sam Altman struck a billion dollar deal with Microsoft, which basically made it a for profit company. And so Elon announced he was going to develop a maximum truth-seeking initiative named TruthGPT, which would be akin to the path he took when he took over Twitter.

And he might just be able to do it, with the architecture that Tesla has set up in order to realize fsd: the video featured above details how Tesla is basically turning their inputs from millions of Teslas into a vector-based ground truth, which they can build upon for realizing FSD and later on even TeslaBot. Basically they are turning the real world into a sort of computer game environment, that they can use to make their software even better!

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