Common Observations Redefine Reality in Every Changing Timeline

What is Correct? Whether we call them fact or fiction, mostly correctness depends on context. a six or a nine are indiscernable from one another, if the font happens to display them as identical forms. But when placed in combination with other digits, or another situation where up and down actually are known, the doubt is canceled and correctness can be asserted.

It is like the joke of the Greek philosopher who was sitting on the side of the road to Athens, lost in thought. A traveler came by and asked him how long it took to reach Athens from there. The philosopher answered: "Sorry, but I cannot tell you". The traveler, not quite happy with the answer, set off again, in a steady pace. After a few moments the philosopher shouted after him: "If you continue like that, about half an hour!"

As Artificial Intelligence or AGI develops, we may find that the computers hold different things for true than we ever thought. That might be beneficial or highly dangerous, but I reckon it will eventually turn out for the better. because right now, we humans have many more disagreements simply because we cannot agree to disagree and leave each other in peace.

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