Having Another Pastime Present 4 Yourself

Happiness some say, is overhyped. Like it takes effort to 'keep a happy face' when stuff simply sucks. Still, who cares if life sucks, if you love to be sucked? What is the point to anger, or fear for that matter. Both are choices, if you can see them that way. Ow sure, danger is real, and it may be smart to make sure you have a defense against it, but clean and methodical thought will get you further than thinking yourself unable to make the situation better.

Am I simply avoiding the negative, and only focusing on the positive? No, that may be the viewpoint you have about me, but your viewpoint is none of my business. That is not a statement of not caring, but my expression of your Free Will. Because let's be honest, if you claim to have free will, then you should be consistent and allow for everyone to have it as well!

Of course that is no reason to become a door mat: you are certainly allowed your own right to decide, in fact, if you don't make the decisions in your life, they will be made for you! You can liken this to rain drops falling into a pond: the waves the drops make are relatively large at the center and dampen out further away from where the drop fell. Now on a spot where no drops fall, the waves of surrounding drops make the surface move up and down still. But as soon as a drop falls there, the influence from the surrounding droplets are easily overrun by the new influence. You may think that just an analogy, but science has already changed from the view that reality consists of matter, to the view where reality consists of energy. And energy is all about waves, frequency, resonance and harmonics.

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