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Some people love them, others think it's nothing special, but the latter group will be sadly mistaken: Teslabot may not do Parcours like the Boston Dynamics' Atlas, but that is not its purpose. Teslabot initially is a "Minimum Viable Product", aimed at performing general, boring and repetitive tasks that a traditional industrial robot is not intelligent enough to perform.

And while Teslabot in itself may not look impressive, it is being tested not in a lab, but on the production floor where Tesla manufactures its electric vehicles. You may very well drive a tesla that in part at least has been built by an Optimus prototype!

I for one am keeping abreast of developments at Tesla and SpaceX, because all of the many activities Elon Musk initiates are tightly entangled: In order to get humanity to Mars, we not only need the huge reusable rockets SpaceX is building, but also the solar panels and batteries, and electric vehicles made by Tesla, as well as the global Internet of StarLink. And there will be more Musk enterprises, simply because taking the quest for Mars to the private space requires huge capital reserves. Elon isn't in it to maximize shareholders' profits, but to save mankind in the way he sees as most effective!

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