Intense Distractor Of Love

Feeding this acrosstic into MidJourney gave me one very surprising result that made me realize something: Many people idolize the Matrix movie series, but the red pill and the blue pill are just another way to divide and conquer, to prolong the illusion of Us versus Them.

Is that something the red glass of the lady shows her but she still can't see because she has her eyes closed, whereas the blue glass appears to be opaque so she wouldn't be able to see with her eye open? I also noticed MidJourney painted all the four images in colorful and raw oil painting, without me asking it this time around. The prompt literally was "Intense Distractor Of Love".

The idea of the Matrix is just a demonstration that there are two and maybe more realities, and we are living in all of them. We can shift our presence at will between these worlds, but the point is that we become aware of all of them and consciously decide where we wish to apply our free will.

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