Intense Numeric Signals Are Negatively Expressed

I love watching the videos of Mentour Pilot now and then. Not because of "disaster tourism", but more to learn about how this can go terribly awry even in strictly regulated professional areas like passenger flying.

In this case, numerous technical, personal, and other mishaps combined to cause the deadliest accident involving a Boeing 737-500, surpassing the 1993 crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 733. It is however not a thing being wrong with this type of aircraft. Instead, numerous factors led to the complete disaster killing all passengers and crew.

Mentour Pilot basically does a blow by blow walkthrough of air disasters, written from the official data and information of the investigation reports, cockpit voice recorders and black box. This is accompanied with images presumably made with Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is very informational, and feels truthful.

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