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Outrage is something we all felt at some point during our lives. Babies can throw real tantrums because Mommy does not do something about the feelings of discomfort they encounter but cannot yet communicate, and as such it is an unavoidable emotion. Bigger kids feel the outrage because they are bullied, or the bullies feel the outrage because they have not been taught to channel it into something more useful.

Many feel outrage because of the system of control and rule of unelected authorities like the WEF and other globalist strongholds, or the sheer evil of people like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, or Facebook's Zuck. Some people start to fight against it, warring hard to oppose and unveil the injustices. Others, like me, have learnt that fighting the system is an uphill battle, and instead building a new one while hiding in plain sight works better. And so they spread information which often falls on deaf ears, but every now and then they unknowingly connect with someone out there who just needed that one little piece of information to make them realize how things really fit together!

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