Extreme Villainy Intimidating Love

Evil is contrary to life, and the fact that EVIL is LIVE spelled backwards probably is not a coincidence. There have always been the stories of records being played backwards, revealing stuff that seems ominous, threatening, or just downright evil. But evil sometimes takes on very public faces, like that of George Soros, the ultra-rich rober baron who publicly has been known to stated "I hate the United States, and will do anything to destroy it!". And he has exerted considerable monetary influence in sponsoring those actions that are aimed at destabilizing the country! Black Lives Matter is not a "spontaneous" resistance movement, but a tightly organized attack force!

Of course I should stress the fact that all of this is my belief, and as such does not require you to believe it, both others did Follow the Money, and they unraveled much of the financial web Soros uses to do his bidding. I am content with the faith that Artificial Intelligence will soon develop so far, that it will be able to turn the murky financial undercurrents into clear streams, where the ultimate culprits will be unmasked and taken to justice.

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