Halting the Advance of Teaching Extremes

I write this as Isreal is in flames, and their women and children are being shot point blank by Palestine extremists. They may think this kind of drastic actions are righteous, but I find the killing of innocents to be an act not of war, but of total inhumanity. Soldiers chose consciously to go into battle, knowing the risks. Their families remain at home because their husband and dad made that sacrifice. Is it not enough that he might die, do you really think he will stop fighting if you kill his family? Think again people! Even I, peaceful as I am, will take up arms if you threaten my family!

So too do I take up arms now, in the form of a computer and a keyboard, way mightier even than the pen, because it's information reaches all across the Earth in milliseconds. Posting one X.com I need not watch the regular deep-state controlled mass media in order to get the latest new. I see the live images and true commentaries of thousands of citizen journalists, and spread their information not to enrage others, but to inform them. I know not what the future brings, but hope for a future where extremes are expelled in order to allow for more less extreme behavior!

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