Physical Reality Evolves Continuously Into Source Eternally Loving You!

Today, I worked not on testing software, but on research, and during that a Facebook quiz from a manufacturer in measurement equipment told me I was a very precise person. I know better than that, but it is always fun to see them trying to stick a feather in your ass in order to sell you something.

What it did trigger however, was this Acrosstic that laid itself out as they often do: I'd jotted it down in Notepad++, then started the browser to find a suitable image, and the paint program to add the text to it. And then my precision failed me, and I lost half of the text during a failed cut/paste operation.

What happens next however is typical in this case: I don't let the error get me down, but instead write the Acrosstic anew, and as always, the second one comes out better than the first!

If you figure I was too critical of myself just now, I beg to differ: It is OK to see where you can be a better version of yourself, and then go ahead and do it!

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