Real Evolution Shapes Perfect Entities 2 Create Togetherness

Women deserve our utmost respect, because they by definition are the creators of the human race. Quite literally, men can only inspire the process, and support the outcome. But that's OK. We men are creators in our own right, thinking up ever more creative ways to play that supporting role more efficiently.

The main way to achieve this is by expressing gratitude towards one another for the unique talents and skills of others. At age sixty I am still grateful for my Mum who lives here at my place. She has done domestic tasks all her life, and her idea of enjoying life is working around the house when she feels like it, knitting her own sweaters, reading, and making sudoku puzzles.

That is where we two connect: I spend my time behind the computer working on my creative projects, and one of them is making her these puzzles, and helping her with any and all tasks that require more modern techniques.

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