Targeting Heinous Extremism Prompts a Living Adaptive Network

There has been a plan in operation for at least the length of my life. That's not related to my birth, but much more to the murder of John F. Kennedy in 1963. It appears after that event, or even before it, a number of higher up generals were already seeing how we as humanity have always been controlled by powerful forces of evil, which have forever been greedy for power, wealth and control.

Many call the Satanists, and accuse them of doing horrible things to harmless children, and perhaps that is the case. For certain there seems to be much evidence of all this, but traditional mainstream media like cnn and others flat out report otherwise, which means publicly all must appear as it seems. This is why the takedown of the deep_state2 is going on in relative secrecy, with the help of a huge, many-decades-long operation which is most of all a scripted story.

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