Hearts Open 2 Reality Result In Better Lives Everywhere

A friend on X handed me this word as an unintended inspiration just moments after I ran out of acrosstics to make images. She remarked in general "You are Horrible, but I love You". And in true inspired fashion it took me less than 7 seconds flat to find the words to it. The image itself was made by then feeding this line into MidJourney, who made me a very nice depiction of it!

And yes, you should always keep in mind you are horrible and lovable at the same time: you may feel you can act in a civilized manner to every situation, but you can never be sure. A situation grave enough, like the loss of a being you truly loved might turn you into a punisher on the spot, out to get vengeance without any remorse or guilt. If you don't believe it, go watch the movie Law Abiding Citizen for an example of how this could happen, and then tell me this could not possibly be you!

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