Love Optimizes Serious Serendipity

Loss is a word that only has meaning in a world of lack and disparity. If you see the world as competitive, then loss is very real. If you believe there is no existence after death, then losing loved ones is almost unbearable. Not so much so for those who know reality is eternal, and nothing can ever truly end. I don't need to mourn my brothers and my father, because I know they are still around, possibly even amused at me writing these words.

So when I think of them I do so in the context of what they gave me, sometimes in good examples, sometimes in less positive ways. But none of that is negative in my view of life. Life comes as it pleases, it has free will just like all of us. I can mourn the past, but by looking at it in a more positive light, the past becomes more positive as we reprogram our minds with it. Let the heart change the mind, and all will be right in the end.

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