Wor(l)d of the Present: YES

You Evolve Source

Even though 'NO' may well mean 'Next Opportunity', 'YES' is often the way to be a deliberate creator, as Mark A. Haughton calls it. He won 60,000 dollars in an American lottery, and decided that helping others to do similar acts of deliberate creation was his way to make a difference. Most people will tell you there is no system to win games of chance, and that the house always wins, but that is based on their beliefs that money is a finite thing. And yet, cash is like any form of matter, which in turn is a condensed form of energy. Energy can not be created or destroyed, but only transformed. Hence, those who believe that the cosmos is infinite, will soon come to the point where money is infinite too, as it is just a frequency that you have to emit in order to attract it.

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