Combining Other Networks as New Evolution Comes Together as Expert Design

Everything is connected, and it becomes more connected with every single connection made. Where in my youth it was a sparse event to have your picture taken, over the years it has become more and more usual, and my new grandson now already has more pictures and videos of himself than I had taken over my entire 60 year lifespan! It will be quite possible to construct a timeline of his existence, and when coupled to the public images of say Google maps, construct a complete path of where he was at which times in his still short lifespan.

Likewise, more and more external information services are pulled together to make life simpler: in the Mortgage application I work on during my day job, we can get income and pension info on the applicants and valuation info on the property so the applicant does not have to gather all this manually. Likewise, It would be easy to determine where I was based on the GPS positions of my phone, which never leaves my side. This will be invaluable information once it can be used as an airtight alibi in case of identity theft.

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