Having Extremely Awesome Lifeforce To Heal

Biology sees life mostly as a complex conglomerate of organs that together function as a whole by assuring the interplay of chemical reactions that is necessary for the continuance of life. But this is a view based on a matter first principle, whereas reality has become more of an energy first principle. Once one starts to believe in the latter principle, the current medical approach of pharmaceutical and chemical treatment and surgical invasions of the body become a far less logical approach.

Instead, alternate methods based on energies of the body become far more effective once you believe in them. I've seen it first-hand in the suffering of my father: he lost his fatih in everyday medical practice, but did not have a backup of alternate medicin. In just six months he went from mostly healthy to his death bed because he simply gave up!

On the other hand there is my Mum, who like me believes in the power of her body to mostly heal itself. Although already 88 years old, she is likely to remain healthy for quite a few years still.

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