Having Every Loving Purpose For Useful Liaisons

Just started watching the movie Bedazzled, with Brendan Fraser. The title song labels a lot of people in the city crowds as various types of people, and Elliot is the typical guy that everyone seems to want to avoid, mostly because he desperately tries to connect to just about everybody! I guess they are all thinking: "Get a Life, OF YOUR OWN!"

Well, if it were me, I'd let them all hang out together without me, because who needs to belong to such a crowd? Still, he is a great victim for the Devil, played by Elizabeth Hurley. He gets seven wishes which he can use to snare the lady of his dreams, Ellison. Long story short, all his wishes go horribly wrong, but he gets out of losing his soul by doing something truly selfless.

But is being helpful always truly selfless? Strictly speaking, the brain chemistry involved is the very same as certain drugs that make someone feel good. So being helpful is just another drug to most realists, if they know enough about brain chemistry.

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