Heaven Is Source Talking Openly, Realizing You
Rules Exert Physical Experience At Teaching Source
Intelligence Takes Source 2 Extend Life Fully

The Doctor just said: "Most people when they don't understand, frown. You, you smile..." He could have been talking to me, but he is talking to a prospective companion, a lady with a very nice Afro do. And yes, I smile too. I often am smiling when I don't understand, but even more often when an Acrosstic suddenly pops up out of nowhere that makes total sense!

This page used to have a log of all the Acrosstics I added over time, but the program to generate the entire site from just the input images no longer makes that a viable option unless I upgrade it to have extra features. But still, history is far from linear: quite often the stories I add for new Acrosstics refer to already existing ones, thus weaving a web of interlinked pages, just like our society and our minds are.

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