Having Interesting Signals To Operate in Realizing Yields

Dave is a very enthusiastic Aussie (Nope, no Austrian) with a very colloquial language. In this video he does one of his famous teardowns to learn about the technology of the broken devices. In this case he might have been somewhat hasty to tear it down, because repaired it would still have fetched many thousands of dollars. There was a single part in there which has an array of micro mirrors, costing over 3000 dollars alone!

Still, I reckon this kind of channel is important to almost a million followers on YouTube, teaching them about what the important parts are, so what to keep for reselling as used, or recycled for the raw materials. Don't think that throw away technology isn't being handled: many of these engineers are doing dumpster diving, rescuing devices others with less under the hood knowledge have carelessly thrown away as "Can't fix it, buying a new one!".

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