Information Narrowing the Perspective of Ur Truth

"All Input is Error" said Elon Musk, and I see where that is coming from. Every bit of information is part of an observation, and we know from quantum theory that observations are the events that determine how the infinite possibilities collapse into a reality. This works on the infinitessimal scale, but also in the macro world because of the sheer number of observations we make every single moment. Even deciding not to pursue a thought during meditation is a choice, and as the Matrix taught us, the choice is an illusion.

Also, we all process our inputs based on our experience thus far, and that means that we turn the input into something that either agrees of disagrees with our reality. The wiser ones often delay their discernment of an input until it is made more tangible because of other input corroberating it. For instance, given the fact I nearly got phished the other day, I also hesitated to a legitimate request from my car lease company to provide information. Only after having visited their site independently and over a VPN, I was able to confirm the site mentioned this process as well, and replied to them.

This is an action one should perform when using information from the web, especially if the information comes from unknown sources, and rings your bullshit bell... It can be characterized as the CIA once did: "Trust, but Verify!"

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