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Sometimes, it seems like reality does nothing but hold us back. That is only logical, especially if you exercise your ability to think for your self rather than following the thoughts of the masses. And yet our thoughts shape our reality even before we actually undertake action to physically make a thing happen. Yes, it is the observation that shapes reality, through our thoughts about the observations. Instant manifestation would be possible, but if there was no delay whatsoever you would be spending more time correcting your mistakes than actually consciously creating your desires. In fact, the less you think about succeeding or failing, the more likely you are to succeed. I even notice that in wanting to throw something in a recycle bin, or trying for a kneejerk reaction to accidentally dropping something: quite often my foot breaks its fall, and keeps the dropped item unbroken.

In a way, we can see the same in successful people: they don't fret the thought of success or failure, they just follow the Nike credo of "Just Do It!" And that means a lot of energy taken away from the reality of failure, and transfered into the realm of success.

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