Source Has Already Produced Everything

Yes, time is an illusion, defined by us humans to measure change. In doing so, we cut up the larger reality into past present and future, or every finer distinctions of time. Still, if we transcend the concept of time, there is now real difference between moments in time. In being there, we no longer discern between the concepts of past events, current activity and future beingness. We can wish for a certain event or thing, and truly feel that it will have already been shaped by the event of our thought of desiring it.

We may wish for things or events, in as much detail as we desire it. But we need not constantly assert our desire of having it arrive. has perfect hearing, and he heard you the first time. The Formless substance you call God or Allah, or Nature even if you have no belief in any god, the mechanism by which it works remains the same. Focus on the positive, and the positive will come your way. Getting rid of poverty is not best done by fighting poverty, but by educating the poor about how to beget a rich world view, which will help them become more abundant themselves. It's like teaching man to fish rather than bringing him fish to feed him once.

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