Real Evolution Increases 2 New Value as Every Next Technology Emerges in Design

Sometimes things need to be reinvented to make them properly. In this page, inspired by ad_infinitum 's song entitled Reinvented, I tell a tale of how the world is currently in the process of being reinvented, as event after event disrupt the Status Quo. Developments are speeding up, and their tight entanglement speeds up the process even more.

Just imagine achieving a ten percent efficiency increase in ten parts of a manufacturing process: just like more people achieve more work than the sum of their parts, the increase in efficiency of the combined process will be wel over ten percent too. And such a shift is happening as we speak. Not all human beings see it, but all around us developments are speeding up.

The picture for this acrosstic is one of NASA reinventing the wheel, because their rovers kept breaking the other wheels they designed before.

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