Language by Intuition: YES NO MAYBE

I've been waiting for an excuse to write a bit regarding this 'YES NO MAYBE' thing, and tonight's showing of "Dr. No" on my side screen seems to bring that possibility into being. Basically filmed a year before I was even born, and the total series is now 25 episodes long, with the interval between episodes becoming ever longer due to the more demanding special effects.

I am a firm believer in the Multiple Universe Theory, more specifically the one where the results of our choices determine which parallel Universe we jump to. So any choice we get presented with, we might answer with a 'Yes', a 'No', or any 'Maybe' answer that may bring us an entirely different reality. Now you can call me a delusional guy, but I tell you science is as much a belief as religion and any other world view is. It is just that some world views are blessed with more followers, just like people on Facebook.

And then the scene between Bond and the sexy secretary passed on my screen, where the lady asked: "And how should I answer such a question from a perfect stranger?". "You should say Yes", Bond replied. "I should say Maybe", the girl countered. And that is how possibilities become eventual realities!

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