Building Another Beautiful Youth

A miracle, plain and simple. Whether you are becoming a dad or mum, grandparent or over-grandparent, nothing is more magical than holding such a beautiful expression of the love of two human beings. I had this twice as a dad, and recently became a granddad, but I wish for far more of this experience.

And though the tendency of governments is to claim we are overpopulating Earth, Elon Musk is one to point out the opposite is true. Even the Chinese, who had a rigid one child policy in place are now allowing for more children per couple.

Will we ever get to where machines will have children too? I contend that we are already here in some fashion, if we define it as interspecies procreation: there are many types of machines that are created to produce other types of machines, and the area of the effective development of such 'birthing machines' is rapidly shifting to a more entangled process, where optimizations in the design of the machines are directly fed back into the updates of the manufacturing devices.

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