Being Ugly Really Taken 2 Obvious Novelty

I am sorry this has a Dutch soundtrack, but it was the nicest one to present what Burton does, which is quite a nice thing. you might have wondered what the word 'Ugly' is doing in this acrosstics, but that is there because in Dutch we call the 2CV the "Lelijk Eend", or "Ugly Duck".

And that is what Burton excels in: their knowhow of the construction of Citroen's most famous offspring allowed them to set up a successful enterprise around making it the sexiest car they could design around it. Burton's are your typical two-seater, built from a revitialised 2CV chassis, and reusing many of the original parts to produce a nostalic sportscar with comfortable driving characteristics. They even have an all-electric version, which you can see on the photo.

You get the freedom to have them build you a custom made one, buy an already built one, or (when you have the skills) go on to build one yourself, which will be considerably cheaper. It will however be a priceless experience, and will deliver you a car that you truly know, down to the last nut and bolt.

One last warning in the form of a riddle though: Do you know what is the most dangerous part of a car? Simple: the well-oiled nut behind the wheel! So don't drink and drive kids!

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