Can Others Negate Value of Energy 2 Reach Totally Evolved Realities?

We are all energy converters, whether we are aware of it or not. And it is not just the energy we distill from our food, to help us drive our body to what we want it to do. Much of the energy we convert does not come from that. Instead we get energized by things we love to do, spend our energy by interacting with others, or lose it bleeding into the drama the world throws at us. There is the scene from the movie Watchmen, where dr. Manhattan gets turned into energy completely. That may look like complete fiction to you, but you are nothing more than a conscious pattern of energy that inhabits a body which is matter which in turn is condensed energy (as Einstein proved). Anyway, a few scenes further, he utters the famous line: "The very first thing I learned was how to put myself together again"

And that is what we do our entire lives: trauma and drama try to break us, but the strong ones off a path, but more because they have learned that trick of putting themselves back together again. And that sometimes means cutting off a path, but more often the solution is to take the energy that is expended towards you, whether it be positive or negative, and channeling it into the reality YOU wish to see happen!

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