Future Actions Can Evolve By Observing Other Knowledge

Facebook has its pros and cons, as well as its proponents and opponents. Big and centralized, sure, but why not see it as a great source of information from other sources. In fact, Facebook may be leading you into the direction you are already going, trying to connect you to things they already know you'll like, and trying to make a lot of advertizing money in the process.

Let's just keep one thing in mind though: we Internet users are sentient beings, deciding which links to click and which to pass up. We decide which sources to follow, and which to discard. Maybe I am too selective in my choices, but whenever a site tries to get me into becoming a member, I need more than just a few good posts to even consider joining them. To me that is a way to stay focused on the essence of my path and passion, the exploration of language which according to Terence McKenna is the basis of Reality.

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