Flowing Outside Communications Using Source Energy Daily

Yeah, some of these acrosstics are coupled to great people I know or have known, who for instance call themselves dangerous, Rapper or in this case me calling myself focused. Focused indeed, but not in a way you might think: not focused on manipulating my environment, but rather feeling suddenly that a word I hear or read in the now has the quality to be turned into an acrosstic.

Focus mostly in the Now so to speak, enjoying life as it comes at me with its endless surprises, which somehow always end up being positive. This comes from knowing that if you don't get what you want, that is because the Grand Overall Design is busy getting you what you need!

That focus has always been there, right from the very day I saw this network of loosely connected individuals in my Mind's Eye, all independently working towards a better world, knowing that whatever needs to be done will always be recognized and picked up by any other node in this network... WWG1WGA!!!

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