Fire Loves Awesome Magic Enrichment

This acrosstic shows two items that the guy in this restored. The old kerosine lamp is shown here, but the World War II lighter shown at the end is restored in another video. I usually avoid acrosstics regarding war, unless it is to point out the futility of such an act. Wars destroy lots of really useful stuff using other stuff that is destroyed in the process and that uses precious resources to manufacture.

And this of course does not even include the suffering and loss of life that war is accompanied with. The collateral damage is not only in those who don't survive it, but also in those who do. I'd say my Dad, who was born in '39, basically got his negative view on life from living through the war and its aftermath in his first 8 years or so. Mum was already five years older, and she has a way more positive view on life.

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