While listening to Rupert Sheldrake telling me about his ideas on the Morphogenic Field, I ponder the relationship between brain and mind. The brain is obviously physically inside the skull, but is the mind restricted to the physical entent of said brain? I tend to think the answer to this question is an emphatic "No!".

Rupert talks about how crystals tend to form difficultly at first, but become more easily formed as time progresses. This tends to be on par with the temperature at which the crystals melt: crystals from natural substances tend to have stable melting points, whereas new synthetic variations of these natural substances tend to form crystals more difficultly at first. And also, the melting point of these "younger" substances tends to rise significantly over the years.

I wanted to propose this happens to humans as well, but Rupert beat me to it. He predicts people are becoming better at all the things they do as they keep doing it. I concur, since I quite clearly see parallels in the everyday interactions between the people around me.

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