Quality And Necessity Overthrow Negatives &
Manifests Advantageous Pointers

OK, not intending to infringe on copyright here, but merely doing my service of providing backup access to a very worthwhile piece of information known as the Q Map. It was created by Dylan Louis Monroe in 2018, and provides a huge interconnected and entangled map of concepts which the people still asleep will probably term as conspiracies. Digital Soldiers however take this information as a basis for their own investigations, so they can be of service to help others wake up.

Since big tech sites tend to suppress these kinds of publications, I hereby publish both the plain map and the colorized map as a service to entangled help Dylan get the word out. If you do need a printed copy of it, I suggest you approach Dylan to buy one from him. His site at https://www.dylanlouismonroe.com/ shows much more interesting stuff!

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