Reality Expresses Common Objectives
Neatly Concealing Individual Loving Experiences

This concept came up today because for a while now I have been trying to come to terms with the idea of how a religion (any religion) fits into my world of BELIEFS. So yeah, I truly believe in the Grand Overall Design, which of course neatly produces the acryonym GOD. But then again, there are many expressions that fit the same acronym, none any less or more important.

Yet reconciliation when searched on the Web mostly gives one references to marriage, religion and the like. Still, we see it happening all around us all the time: the search for the unifying Theory of Everything is a search for reconciliation, as is man's struggle to not lose their place to technology evolving at a pace far beyond the average human evolution. Even the reconciliation between science and spirituality is happening at an ever faster apce.

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