Reality Influences Physical Performance Loving Everything

And yes, with Reality I mean the larger view of reality, which among our commonly shared view of outside reality also consists of what can be proven and what can not be proven. In the end, we will need to trust the workings of Reality with a capital R to perform beyond that which we humans deem doable. You may hold a totally different view, and I respect that, but my life is one of 'Moorelife': No matter how wildly positive I imagine my future, the Grand Overall Design will ALWAYS come up with unexpected plot twists that make life worth living even more!

Some claim consciousness is the base of it All, but even though it is a very basic driving force, I sense something beyond that. I never know which wave will hit me, or whether it will be a tsunami or a ripple, but I truly believe and trust in the power of love. Wasn't it in the movie 'Contact' that Ellie said "I like to have proof..."? To which her friend then replied: "Your Dad, do you love him?" When she replied "Yes!", he followed up with the clincher: "Prove it!". But of course this is not about proving Love, since that is knowing. When you find it, You'll KNOW!

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