Revolution is Obviously Built Using Solid Testing

Robustness is not doing it right first time, if anything it is a process of continuous improvement. SpaceX knows that like no other company. They adhere to the mantra of: "Test Often, Fail Fast! As such they launched a fully stacked Starship with booster last month. Elon Musk was heard stating that the launch could be considered a success if the rocket cleared the tower without exploding.

And in that sense it was a success: The launch started slowly, but eventually it cleared the tower with most of its Raptor engines working at 95%, but the missing ones proved to be a complicating factor for the flight control system. In the end the deviations from insufficient control made it so the booster did not correctly detach, and when it finally did, the movent of both parts was such that the entire setup exploded a little over four minutes after launch.

This meant that the team basically got well over four minutes of massive telemetry to study what went wrong, and where the setup needs improving. This includes massive data from the launch pad (a.k.a. stage zero), which was damaged in the attempt.

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